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Rectangular powder sifting machine
Rectangular powder sifting machine

Rectangular powder sifting machine

Product ID : NMC-510
Product Attributes :

Rectangular powder sifting machine

1.High output 
2.Simple structure 
3.Easy maintenance. 
4.Low energy consumption. 
5.High screening efficiency.
Product Description

 linear vibration sieve is used as a source of vibration excitation by vibrating motor, so that the sieve material being thrown up and forward for linear motion ,in order to match reasonable sieve. It is suitable for any dry material screening from 0.74mm-5mm., the  largest particle size is 10mm.

It is widely used for sieving fine particles and mealiness materials in  abrasive , chemical industry, metallurgy ,construction technology ,food and chemical fertilizer.


1.High output.

2. simple structure

3.easy maintenance.

4. low energy consumption

5. small noise

6.full-enclosed structure

7. high screening efficiency

8. long life.


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